Revealing the source code of 50 years of sustainable economic innovations. Reconnecting natural ecosystems, human activity and economic prosperity.

symbiotic solutions
to amplify positive impact

what can we observe emerging in social and economic innovations ?

A shift from concentrating on reducing negative human impact on Earth, to PRODUCING POSITIVE IMPACT

what is missing ?

A SYSTEMIC FRAMEWORK to develop this positive impact approach,
TOOLS to assist in choosing ecosystems of interconnected solutions, that can be implemented at every level, from grassroots initiatives to Nation states.

what does the symbiotic economy offer?

A FRAMEWORK to amplify solutions by bringing them into synergy.


Symbiosis icon


« Symbiosis is a phenomenon that is both one of the most powerful and the most subtle of all life mechanisms. A loop of sources and ressources born out of synergies, it is the intimate connection that nourishes all parts, while belonging to neither one or the other, and to all at the same time. »

Isabelle Delannoy
(Symbiotic Economy Theorist)

our aim

To accelerate the shift to a regenerative economy that can reconcile intense human activity, flourishing natural ecosystems and economic prosperity, by bringing into synergy sustainable solutions from all fields

our convictions

People can be good for the planet.

All the intelligence we need is already here.

What is the symbiotic economy?

A radically new sustainable economic model affirming the opportunity to develop a symbiotic relationship (mutually positive growth) between flourishing natural ecosystems and intense human activity, over all economic fields

Key sustainable economic innovations share a core structure

We have conducted 10 years of research and analysis leading to a major affirmation :
The different key sustainable economic innovations of the last 50 years share a core structure, based on collaborative practices, forming renewable ecosystems, and producing positive impact

The opportunity to create a new economic paradigm

If assembled, innovations from three spheres of economic activity – those using natural ecosystems, social and collaborative innovation, and efficient technology – enter into symbiotic relationship.

Together, we can create a new economic paradigm which can amplify our positive impact on the planet, while renewing global prosperity

An inclusive approach for sustainability

None of the economic innovations on their own can be a response to the complex challenges we face.

Only by creating synergies between diverse approaches harnessing the intelligence of natural ecosystems, human genius, and the power of efficient technologies can we hope to achieve sustainability

Early adopters

what we offer

An overview of more than 20 recent economic innovations…

…that are producing positive impact on the planet, and the possible synergies between them

circular economy
collaborative economy
ecological engineering
open source
peer to peer
social enterprise
smart grids
usage economy

An international network of renowned expert thinkers…

…in all fields related to transition models of society, technology, agriculture etc.

international reclaim
local networks
real people

A radically new and mathematically proven economic theory

Academic papers are coming up in 2017

necessary and sufficient conditions for sustainability
set theory

A whole set of new methods to implement, develop and measure…

… sustainable development strategies on small and large scale projects and territories

complex systems
impact measurement
new indicators

About us

L'Atelier Symbiotique
Isabelle Delannoy
Isabelle Delannoy
Co-founder – Symbiotic Economy Theorist
Isabelle went out looking for positive solutions to our current crises and discovered a source code for a new economic paradigm… She develops the symbiotic economy theory and methodologies, does as much getting the word out as possible, and generally keeps things connected and coherent.
Laura Winn
Laura Winn
Co-founder – Program Coordinator
Laura joined the symbiotic economy team with the idea of helping what she considers an inspiring theory to move from prognostic into practice. She is coordinating a symbiotic and collaborative structure for the enterprise. She’s also in charge of the practical multi-project management, loving the complexity of it all.
Catherine Dauriac
Catherine Dauriac
Co-founder – Social Media Gardener
Positive impact journalist and photographer. Eco design and fashion activist / Trends and Textile expert. She launched a collaborative web agency (2008) and joined Symbiotic Economy (AS) in 2014 in support for digital communication alongside Isabelle Delannoy. She’s in charge with Social Media activities.
Marianne Souliez
Marianne Souliez
Co-founder – Look-out and Writer
Former engineer devoted to the creation of imaginary worlds using computer graphics, turned to writing and directing films to bring forth a new vision of reality. Now called for her acute intuition for trends, reefs and currents in a time of transition. Also writes fiction, translates english to french and facilitates human development through Biodanza®.
Alain Hays
Alain Hays
Co-founder – Media
Mathieu Coste
Mathieu Coste
Co-founder – Internet coordinator
Charles Abecassis
Charles Abecassis
Co-founder – Transition tools producer
Charles has a passion for permaculture since 2010 and is highly trained into it, as well as in urban architecture. He is one of the co-founders of Université Collaborative Internationale de la Transition. Since the creation of L’Atelier Symbiotique, he brings his sense of humor and computer skills for a transition toward a fraternal humanity.
Jean-Luc de Lapoyade
Jean-Luc de Lapoyade
Co-founder – Treasurer
Bertand Thuillier
Bertand Thuillier
Co-founder – R&D
Biologist, ecologist and specialized in climate change, Bertrand chose to bring transformation in the corporate world by applying his scientific rigor, his metrology and mediation skills. He helps companies and regions to transition into the symbiotic paradigm. He naturally joined the Atelier Symbiotique ecosystem and helped the birth of the organization.


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